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London South Bank University
LSBU · Fondo · 1871-present

Contains the records of London South Bank University and its former institutions. The collection has been arranged into the following categories:

LSBU/1 Governance records, including the Board of Governors and the major committees which have shaped policy, 1892-present;

LSBU/2 Administrative records, containing the records created by support services and departments, 1892-present;

LSBU/3 Academic records, containing records related to the implementation of teaching within the university including records from the various faculties, departments and schools as well as Board and Committee papers relating to teaching and learning, 1892-present;

LSBU/4 Staff records, 1897-2003;

LSBU/5 Student Activities, containing records related to the activities of students within clubs, societies and the Student Union, 1903-present;

LSBU/6 Publications, including staff and student magazines, prospectuses and annual reports, 1892-present;

LSBU/7 Photographs, 1892-present;

LSBU/8 Ephemera, including posters and trophies, c1890-present;

LSBU/9 External publications, consisting of material about, but not produced by, the University, 1871-present.

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Redwood College of Health Studies
RCHS · Fondo · 1920s-1990s

Records of the Redwood College of Health Studies comprising:

RCHS/1 Student Records, 1932-1990

RCHS/2 Photographs, 1920s-1990s

RCHS/3 Silverware, Shields and Plaques, c.1940-1970s

RCHS/4 Birth Atlas, 1950s

RCHS/5 Nurses Cloaks, c.1970s

RCHS/6 Nurse Training Guide, 1974

RCHS/7 Publications, 1993

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South West London College
SWLC · Fondo · 1949-1993

Contains the records of the South West London College, comprising:

SWLC/1, Press Cuttings, 1990-1991;

SWLC/2, Publications for students, 1991;

SWLC/3, Minutes, 1949-1969, 1988-1991;

SWLC/4, Correspondence, 1989-1993.

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Battersea College of Education
BCE · Fondo · 1894-1976

Records of Battersea College of Education, comprising:

BCE/1 Governance, 1953-1976;

BCE/2 Staff Records, c1900-1991;

BCE/3 Publications, 1892-2003;

BCE/4 Photographs, 1953-1970;

BCE/5 Plans, 1963;

BCE/6 History and Special Events, 1950s-1970s;

BCE/7 Records on the Merger with South Bank Polytechnic, 1973-1976.

BCE/8 Student activities, c.1900-1909;

BCE/9 External publications, 1899-1994.

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Charles West School of Nursing
CWSN · Fondo · 1961-1995

Contains records from the Charles West School of Nursing and its parent body, the Hospitals for Sick Children now Great Ormond Street Hospital. The collection has been arranged into the following series:

CWSN/1 - Academic Records: concerning course syllabuses, student numbers, assessments and course planning (1962-c.1995).

CWSN/2 - Publications: publicity material and historical publications (1952-1992).

CWSN/3 - Reference material: records produced by external bodies and held in the School of Nursing Library (1961-1991).

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David Singmaster
DS · Fondo · c.1970-1980s

Academic papers, publications and presscuttings collected and produced by David Singmaster.

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GLAWARS · Fondo · 1967-1987

Contains the records of the Greater London Area War Risk Study arranged into the following sections:

GLAWARS/1 Home Office

GLAWARS/2 Greater London Council (GLC)

GLAWARS/3 Research Materials

GLAWARS/4 Background, Terms of Reference and Research Task Outlines

GLAWARS/5 Newsletters, Progress Reports, Home Office and Consultants' Meetings

GLAWARS/6 Commissioners

GLAWARS/7 Presscuttings

GLAWARS/8 'London Under Attack'

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Local Endowed Charities (London)
LEC · Fondo · 1890-1970

Contains reports and schemes regarding Local Endowed Charities (charities which have some assets held on trust for investment (capital)) in various boroughs of South London.

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Lawrence Hadley course notes
LGH · Fondo · 1941-1946

Course notes for the Heating & Ventilating Engineering Course, including engineering science, physics, strength of materials, heating & ventilating and materials & processes, as well as exam papers for the City & Guilds, Borough Polytechnic and the Institute of Heating & Ventilating Engineers.

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Rachel McMillan College of Education
RMCE · Fondo · 1973-1977

Contains 2 prospectuses for the Rachel McMillan College of Education, 1973-1977 and a photograph of the building.

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LSBUSU · Fondo · c.1968-2012

Contains the records of London South Bank University Students' Union and Unions for the University's former institutions. The collection has been arranged into the following categories:

LSBUSU/1 Governance Records: includes minutes for the Student Council and major committee meetings, c.1968-2007;

LSBUSU/2 Administrative Records: contains records created by support staff and bodies, c.1980-2007;

LSBUSU/3 Publications: material published by the Students' Union including handbooks, guides and magazines, 1972-2012;

LSBUSU/4 Ephemera: 'throw-away' items produced by the Union, 1991-2012;

LSBUSU/5 Photographs: includes photos of staff, Sabbatical officers, buildings, students and events, 1970s-2003;

LSBUSU/6 External Publications: consists of material about but not produced by the Students' Union and its members, 1991-2011;

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SLPI · Fondo · 16 March 1882-28 October 1910

Contains the records of South London Polytechnic Institutes Council, comprising:

SLPI/1 Committee minutes, 1887-1888;

SLPI/2 Correspondence, Appeals and Reports, 1887-1894;

SLPI/3 Finance, 1888-1891;

SLPI/4 Letters to Newspapers, 1882-1901;

SLPI/5 South London Polytechnic Institutes (Borough Road Site) Act 1890.

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Brixton School of Building
BSB · Fondo · 1902-1979

Contains the records of Brixton School of Building. The collection has been arranged into the following categories:

BSB/1 Works in Converting the Baths in Ferndale Road into a Technical Institute, 1902;

BSB/2 Prospectuses, 1904-1971;

BSB/3 Historical Publications, 1955-1979;

BSB/4 Magazines, 1950-1963;

BSB/5 Distribution of Prizes and Exhibition Work, 1948-1960;

BSB/6 Syllabuses, Course Notes and Examination Papers, 1953-1970;

BSB/7 Administration, 1960s;

BSB/8 Professional Publications, 1963-1977.

BSB/9 Photographs, c.1910-1930s

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SBUEL · Fondo · 1986-2011

Contains the records of South Bank University Enterprises Limited and its predecessor South Bank Poly-Enterprises Limited. The collection has been arranged into the following categories:

SBUEL/1 Governance Records, 1988-2011

SBUEL/2 Administrative Records,

SBUEL/3 External Publications, 1986-1995

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LLU · Fondo · c.1978-2011

The Archive contains the records of LLU+ and has been arranged into the following categories:

LLU/1 Portfolios: collections of key documents providing an overview of a year's work, 1979-2011

LLU/2 Administrative Records, c.1986-2011

LLU/3 Reports, Projects and Training Materials produced by LLU+, 1982-2011

LLU/4 Publications produced by LLU+, 1985-2008

LLU/5 Photographs of the Unit's work and events, c.1990-2007

LLU/6 Exhibition Material, c.2003-2008

LLU/7 Ephemera, 1980s-2010

LLU/8 Save LLU+ Campaign, 2009-2010

LLU/9 External Publications, c.1978-2008

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City of Westminster College
CWC · Fondo · 1955-1974

Contains the records of the City of Westminster College, comprising:

CWC/1, Minutes, 1960-1974;

CWC/2, Publications, 1955-1971;

CWC/3, Library, 1959-1970;

CWC/4, External Publications, 1959.

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Lambeth College
LC · Fondo · 1895-2013

Comprises of minutes of the College Governing Body and its sub-committees; Staff and Student newsletters; Prospectuses; Photographs; records of preceding bodies. The records of the institutions which preceded Lambeth College, include: Norwood Technical Institute; Vauxhall College; Brixton College of Further Education; South London College.

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NC · Fondo · 1944-1970, 2007

Contains the records of the National College for Heating, Ventilating, Refrigeration and Fan Engineering, comprising:

NC/1, Governance, 1948-1970;

NC/2, Publications, 1948-1971, 2007;

NC/3, Photographs, 1950s;

NC/4, Student Activities, 1949-1969;

NC/5, National College Building, 1950s;

NC/6, External Publications, 1947-1963;

NC/7, Education Board of the Heating and Ventilating Industry, 1944-1962.

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