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FEALDS network
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The FEALDS Network was a dyslexia programme.

Excellence in Education Awards
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The first Excellence in Education Awards were held in 2013. The awards were introduced to celebrate teaching and support staff who had made a positive impact on students' learning experiences. 245 individuals were nominated by students across seven categories. The seven categories for nomination were: Outstanding Lecturer; Personal Tutor; Supervisor of the Year; Best Academic Feedback; Outstanding Student Support; Exceptional Support beyond Teaching; Outstanding Course Rep. The awards ceremony was held in Edric Hall on Tuesday 23 April at 5pm.

Board of Governors, National College
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The Board of Governors was constituted by the Minister of Education to 'establish a Foundation with the principal object of maintaining a College for providing technical education and research in connection with heating, ventilating, refrigeration and fan engineering' (Declaration of Trust, NC/1/4). The original Board of Governors, appointed by the Minister of Education, had representation from the three industries, the Governors of the Borough Polytechnic and other interests as follows:

Four nominated by the Association of Heating, Ventilating and Domestic Engineering Employers;

Two by the British Refrigeration Association;

Two by the Institute of Refrigeration;

Four by the Fan Manufacturers' Association, Ltd.;

One by the National Union of Operative Heating and Domestic Engineers and General Metalworkers;

Two by the Trades Union Congress;

Four by the Governing Body of the Borough Polytechnic;

Two by London County Council as Local Education Authority;

One by the University of London; and

One by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.

The first chairman of the Governors was Hubert A. Secretan, future Chair of the Governors of the Borough Polytechnic. He was replaced in 1962 by John W. Cooling, one of the founding governors, who remained chairman until 1970.

The Board of Governors, in co-operation with the Governing Body of the Borough Polytechnic, were responsible of the development of the work of the College, including the selection and admission of students, maintenance of buildings and equipment, organisation, staffing and general administration. It had the right to appoint committees and at its first meeting of 20 January 1948 it appointed two committees: the Finance and General Purposes Committee and the Education Committee.

The last meeting of the Board was held on 3 July 1970.

Finance and General Purposes Committee, National College
Pessoa coletiva · 1948-1969

The Finance and General Purposes Committee was set up at the first Board of Governors' meeting on 20 January 1948 to look after the general management and financial control of the College. It consisted of six ordinary members with the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Governing Body both as ex-officio members. Geoffrey Woods was elected as Chairman at the Committee's first meeting of 13 February 1948. The last meeting was held on 11 July 1969.

H R F Bulletin
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H. R. F. Bulletin was produced by the National College and contained abstracts of articles concerning heating, refrigeration and fan engineering from trade journals.

Education Board of the Heating and Ventilating Industry
Pessoa coletiva · 1944-1962

The Education Board of the Heating and Ventilating Industry was set up by the Institution of Heating and Ventilating Engineers (I.H.V.E.) and the Heating and Ventilating and Domestic Engineers' National Joint Industrial Council (N.J.C.E.) in 1944 to act as an advisory body to the Industry on all educational matters. It advised on educational problems affecting the industry and assisted those engaged in the industry to obtain the best possible training. It played an important role in the establishment of the National College and its first chairman Douglas Ingall (also Principal of the Borough Polytechnic) became the first Director of the National College. The Board acted as an Advisory Committee to the National College since the establishment of the College in 1948.

The original Education Board consisted of four members appointed by the I.H.V.E. and four members appointed by the N.J.I.C. with up to three co-opted members. In 1962 this was increased to four co-opted members and four non-voting observers who were the Head of the National College, the Secretary of the I.H.V.E., the Secretary if N.J.I.C. and the Secretary of the Heating and Ventilating Advisory Committee of the City and Guilds of London Insitute.

A memorandum giving details of the history of the Board and its terms of reference was circulated before the 63rd meeting of the Board in June 1962, which concluded that the Board had completed aa the tasks assigned to it and that it was very unlikely that within the next few years any new major developments in technical education would necessitate action by the Board. It was agreed amongst members that the Board should cease to function.

South Bank University Enterprises Limited
Pessoa coletiva · 1988-present

Law 84 Limited was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary company of South Bank Polytechnic on 19 Oct 1988. It then changed its name to South Bank Poly-Enterprises Limited in February 1989. Due to the Polytechnic being granted university status in 1992, the company changed its name a second time to South Bank University Enterprises Limited in June 1992.

The principal role of South Bank University Enterprises Limited is to handle the University's enterprise activities. These originally formed four areas: consultancy, contract research, sale of materials and the letting of facilities. Since 2002 the company has been increasingly involved in intellectual property issues arising out of the University's growing research portfolio and the company's enterprise activities now form three areas: student enterprise; intellectual property and spin out; and revenue generation.

Being a subsidiary company profits are transferred under a deed of covenant to the University. The company is run by a Board of Directors and a Managing Director.

House Committee
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The House Committee was a sub-committee of the Governing Body. It dealt with matters relating to the buildings and facilities of the Polytechnic. The Building Sub-Committee was a sub-committee of the House Committee. The House Committee merged with the Finance Committee (LSBU/2/1/1) in 1966 to become the Finance and General Purposes Committee.

Hopkin; Sir; Deian Rhys (1944-); knight
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Vice-Chancellor of South Bank University (2001-2003) and Vice-Chancellor of London South Bank University (2003-2009).

Pereira-Mendoza, Vivian Moses
Pessoa singular · 1917-2006

Director, Polytechnic of the South Bank 1965-1980.

Evans, Frank: Dr
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Dr Frank Evans worked in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at South Bank Polytechnic.