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Research Degrees Committee
Entidad colectiva · 1985-2015

The Research Degrees Committee is a sub-committee of the Academic Board (LSBU/3/1). Its main responsibilities are to approve programmes of work proposed in applications for degrees of MPhil or PhD and to complete the examination process by advising the Academic Board of degrees to be conferred. The Committee ceased in August 2015 and the University Research Board of Study was set up instead (see LSBU/3/23)

Members of the Committee were appointed by nomination from the Executive Dean of the relevant Faculty.

Technical Day School for Boys
Entidad colectiva · 1897-1946

The Technical Day School for Boys opened in September 1897 to give boys, aged 12 and above, scientific and technical training with a view to them becoming skilled workmen and artificiers. It was evacuated to Exeter during the Second World War. In 1946 it amalgamated with the Beaufoy Junior Technical School to form the Borough-Beaufoy Secondary Technical School at the Beaufoy Institute.

South Bank Polytechnic Student Union
Entidad colectiva · 1970s-1992

The Student Union moved to a building in Rotary Street during the 1970s and remained there until 1990 when it moved to the George Overend Building on Keyworth Street.

Council of Students and Members
Entidad colectiva

The Council of Students and Members represented the social and sporting clubs of the Borough Polytechnic.

AR/31 · Entidad colectiva · 2001-2011

Whipps Cross campus was established in 2001, along with Havering Campus, after South Bank University merged with the Redwood College of Health Studies. The campus closed in 2011.

First World War Memorial
Entidad colectiva · 1921-

The memorial commemorates the 127 men from the Borough Polytechnic Institute who lost their lives during the First World War. Staff, students and relatives paid for the memorial, which was dedicated in 1921 by the Bishop of Southwark, who hoped it would, 'help to weave into the lives of others who study here and who come within this hall…the memory and the example of those who died... [and make] successive generations feel that they are becoming members of a corporate society, of real fellowship.'

The Polytechnic's student common room (today's digital gallery) was the memorials first home, but when the room was converted into a telephone exchange in the 1960s, the memorial was placed into storage. Rediscovered in 1996, the University restored and re-erected the memorial in the Edric Hall. The hall's refurbishment in 2004 meant the memorial was once again put into storage.

Over the Easter holiday of 2010, the Estates & Facilities Department, in consultation with the Chaplain and University Archivist, arranged for the memorial to be assembled in its current location which provides the memorial with a permanent home as close as possible to its original location and allows room for public commemoration.

Nathu Puri Institute
Entidad colectiva

The Nathu Puri Institute, based in the university's Faculty of Engineering, Science and The Built Environment was established in order to foster enterprise amongst engineers and support the UK engineering industry.

Borough Road Gallery
Entidad colectiva

The Borough Gallery was established with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to exhibit A David Bomberg Legacy - The Sarah Rose Collection, a collection of paintings and drawings by the artist David Bomberg and members of the Borough Group. The collection was built up over thirty years by Sarah Rose and includes over 150 works spanning a period of nearly 100 years. The Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting work from the collection and to carrying out a related programme of exhibitions, events and education activities.

The official opening event included speeches by the guest of honour Alan Yentob, Creative Director at the BBC as well as Wesley Kerr, Chair of the London Committee, Heritage Lottery Fund and Sarah Rose. Special guests included Cliff Holden and Dennis Creffield who were members of the Borough Group.

Bomberg and His Students
Entidad colectiva · 1992

'Bomberg and his Students' was an exhibition of paintings and drawings by members of the Borough Group and by some associated artists who attended Bomberg's classes at the Borough Polytechnic between 1945-1953. The exhibition was held as part of the University's centenary celebrations.

Mad Dog Solar Car Project
Entidad colectiva

The Mad Dog Project was part of a research programme in the University's Sustainable Transport Research Centre in the School of Engineering. The Project designed and built low budget solar cars and competed in various World Solar Challenges. The first car, Mad Dog I entered the 1996 race, Mad Dog II competed in the 1998 World Solar Rally and Mad Dog III competed in several races, including the World Solar Challenge 2001 and 2001 American Solar Challenge.

Battersea Polytechnic Institute
Entidad colectiva · 1891-1956

Battersea Polytechnic was founded in 1891 and was based on Battersea Park Road. In 1956 it became Battersea College of Technology and in 1965 obtained land in Guildford for a new campus. In 1966 the college became the University of Surrey and the move to Guildford was completed in 1970.
The original Battersea College of Education was a department of the Battersea Polytechnic and called the Battersea Training School of Domestic Economy and as such appears in the Battersea Polytechnic reports.

Local Endowed Charities
AR/27 · Entidad colectiva

Endowed Charities are charities which exist to carry out the terms of bequests, usually within parishes, and hold some assets and investments in order to do this. Schemes are legal documents by which the Charity Commission may amend, replace or amplify a charity's governing document.

Charity Commission
Entidad colectiva

Approved by the Board of Charity Commissioners on 12 August 1892.

Entidad colectiva

Focus was a newsletter primarily published for London East Learning+Skills Council training providers and included reports and news related to basic skills training and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages).