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Archival description
LSBU/2/6 · File · 1914-1919
Part of London South Bank University

Contains details of the students and staff of the Borough Polytechnic who died during the First World War and whose names are on the First World War memorial in the Borough Road building.

Borough Polytechnic Institute
The Borough Polytechnic News
LSBU/6/1/2 · File · January 1899-July 1925
Part of London South Bank University

Unbound copies of the Borough Polytechnic Institute's monthly magazine for staff and students with articles about clubs and societies, Polytechnic news and general topics of interest.

Volume XVI No.12 (December 1906).

Volume XVII No.2-No.12 (February-December 1908).

Volume XIX No.1-12 (January-December 1909).

Volume XX No.1-11 (January-November 1910).

Volume XXII No.1-12 (January-December 1912, August and November are missing).

Volume XXIII No.1- (January- 1913).

Bound copy of Volume XXIV No.10-12 (January-December 1914).

Volume XXXIV No.2-3 (February-March 1918).

Volume XXXIII No.4--11 (April-November 1918, July, October and December are missing).

Volume XXXIV No.1-10 (January-December 1919, August/September is missing).

Volume XXXV No.1-11 (January- December 1920).

Volume XXXVI No.1-11 (January-December 1921).

Volume XXXVII No.1-6 (January-November 1922).

Volume XXXVIII No.1-7 (January-November 1923).

Volume XXXIX No.1-6 (January-October 1924).

Volume XL No.1-5 (January-July 1925).

Eight bound volumes of the Borough Polytechnic News containing editions of the magazine from volume 9 to 40 (1899-1925).

Borough Polytechnic Institute