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Brixton School of Building
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Distribution of Prizes and Exhibition Work

Comprises programmes listing students who have received awards in different categories of study. The programmes are from awards ceremonies in the following years:

November 1949

November 1950

January 1952

November 1952

November 1954

November 1955

November 1956

November 1957

November 1958

November 1959

November 1960

Brixton School of Building

Brixton School of Building

  • BSB
  • Arquivo
  • 1902-1979

Contains the records of Brixton School of Building. The collection has been arranged into the following categories:

BSB/1 Works in Converting the Baths in Ferndale Road into a Technical Institute, 1902;

BSB/2 Prospectuses, 1936-1971;

BSB/3 Historical Publications, 1955-1979;

BSB/4 Magazines, 1955-1958;

BSB/5 Distribution of Prizes and Exhibition Work, 1948-1960;

BSB/6 Syllabuses, Course Notes and Examination Papers, 1953-1970;

BSB/7 Administration, 1960s;

BSB/8 Professional Publications, 1963-1977.

BSB/9 Photographs, c.1910-1930s

Brixton School of Building

Syllabuses for Public Health Engineering

Includes syllabuses for the following National Certificate courses in Building (Public Health Engineering) c.1958: Science; Mathematics; Building Construction; Public Health Engineering Drawing; Specifications and Quantities; Estimating; Public Health Engineering; Installation Design; Public Health Law; Surveying and Levelling; Office Organisation and Methods; Hydrostatics and Hydraulics.

Also includes syllabuses for the following Higher National Certificate courses in Building (Public Health Engineering), c.1968: Science and Engineering; Sanitary Installation and Land Survey; Hydrostatics and Hydraulics; Building Services (Install Design); General Studies; Measurement, Economics and Specifications; Law and Administration.

Brixton School of Building

Course Notes for Teachers of Plumber's Welding and Hard Metal Work, Welding Workshop Equipment, Recent Developments in Plumbing and Drainage, Refuse Disposal and Hot Water Supply

Comprises course notes for teachers in the Building Trades Department including: notes on the topics of Hot Water Supply and Refuse Disposal for the Higher National Certificate - Construction I course; notes for the post graduate course 'Recent Developments in Plumbing and Drainage'; notes for the Welding Workshop Equipment course. Also includes notes on a special course for teachers of Plumbers' Welding and Hard Metal Working concerning pipe welding.

Brixton School of Building



A paper on the changes in the pattern of part time courses in building to be discussed as a meeting held on 25 June 1963.

A paper on the school's courses in plumbing.

A paper regarding the change to metric units in the construction industry, October 1967

Brixton School of Building


Comprises two issues of the Brixton School of Building in-house magazine; one from February 1955 and one from January 1958.

Brixton School of Building

Examination Papers

Comprises the following examination papers:

1st Year Bricklayers - Social Studies, 1954

2nd Year Brickwork - Calculations, 1959-60

1st Year Carpentry and Joinery -Technology B, 1960-61

Ordinary National Certificate III - Public Health Engineering Science, 1961-62

Higher National Certificate Endorsement - Hydraulics, 1961-62, 1962-63 and 1965-66

Higher National Certificate II - Public Health Design II, 1964-65

Ordinary National Certificate III - Sanitary Science III, 1965-66

Higher National Certificate V - Design II, 1965-66

Higher National Certificate V - Public Health Engineering, Installation Design II, 1965-66

Institute of Plumbing Part I - Design I, 1967-68, 1968-69 and 1969-70

Higher National Certificate - Services, 1967-68

Higher National Certificate II - Services Design II, 1969-70

Brixton School of Building

Governmental Working Party of the Governing Bodies of the Borough Polytechnic, the Brixton School of Building, the City of Westminster College and National College for Heating, Ventilating, Refrigeration and Fan Engineering

The minutes and reports of of the Governmental Working Party to prepare the Scheme of Government for a new Polytechnic to be designate by the Secretary of State for Education and Science.

Borough Polytechnic Institute

Syllabuses, Course Notes and Examination Papers

Comprises syllabus information for National Certificate and Higher National Certificate courses in Public Health Engineering, course notes for teachers on a variety of topics and subjects and exam papers for end of year, National Certificate and Higher National Certificate exams.

Brixton School of Building

Going SI Metric

Pre-publication version of a booklet designed for staff and students of Brixton School of Building to assist them in the process of metrication of the UK Construction Industry.

Brixton School of Building