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Academic Records

Contains records relating to the implementation of teaching within the institution, comprising:

LSBU/3/1 Academic Board, 1964-2007;

LSBU/3/2 Shadow and Transitional Academic Board, 1969-1970;

LSBU/3/3 Educational Committee, 1892-1964;

LSBU/3/4 Academic Standards Committee, 1988-2004;

LSBU/3/5 Research Committee, 1994-2006;

LSBU/3/6 Quality and Standards Committee, 2005-2008;

LSBU/3/7 Standing Committee of the Academic Board, 1981-1987;

LSBU/3/8 Research Degrees Committee, 1993-2006;

LSBU/3/9 Board of Studies;

LSBU/3/10 School, Institute and Advisory Committees, 1903-1920;

LSBU/3/11 Engineering Talks and Awards, 1980-1990;

LSBU/3/12 Institutional Inspection Reports, 1947, 1956;

LSBU/3/13 Examination Results Ledgers, 1893-1978;

LSBU/3/14 Student Certificates, Workbooks and Reports, 1934-1962;

LSBU/3/15 Faculty Plans, 2007;

LSBU/3/16 Academic Structure Committee, 1972-1973;

LSBU/3/17 General Information and Particulars of the Borough Polytechnic, 1968;

LSBU/3/18 Research Board, 1967-1970;

LSBU/3/19 CNAA Review Visit Reports, 1974-1982;

LSBU/3/20 Board of Education Returns, 1937;

LSBU/3/21 Records for Candidates registered for CNAA Research Degrees;

LSBU/3/22 Teaching Materials;

LSBU/3/23 University Research Board of Study, 2015-

Board of Governors

Administrative Records

Comprises the administrative records for the company including financial correspondence, insurance and legal papers and papers regarding new appointees to the Board of Directors.

South Bank Poly-Enterprises Limited

Administrative Records

Contains records regarding the administration and organisation of the Students' Union comprising:

LSBUSU/2/1 Management Records, 1986-2004;

LSBUSU/2/2 Clubs and Societies Sub-Committee, 1993-2003;

LSBUSU/2/3 Sports Sub-Committee, 1994;

LSBUSU/2/4 Sabbatical Meetings, 1993-1995;

LSBUSU/2/5 Staff Records, c.1980-2007;

LSBUSU/2/6 Union-led Events, 1994-2005;

LSBUSU/2/7 Student Advice Bureau, 1995-1996;

LSBUSU/2/8 Estates and Facilities, 1990-2006

Administrative Records

Contains records relating to the administration of the Institution, comprising:

LSBU/2/1 Finance, 1892-1970;

LSBU/2/2 Estates, 1889-2000s;

LSBU/2/3 Early correspondence and Reports, 1893-1914;

LSBU/2/4 Correspondence with related institutions, 1874-1903;

LSBU/2/5 Legal Records, 1890-1925;

LSBU/2/6 First World War Roll of Honour, 1914-1919;

LSBU/2/7 Administrative Committee Records, 1891-1931;

LSBU/2/8 Library, 1915-present;

LSBU/2/9 Marketing, 1997-2003;

LSBU/2/10 University Archives, 1971-2009.

Board of Governors

Administrative Records

  • LLU/2
  • sub-fonds
  • c.1986-2010
  • Part of LLU+

Comprises records related to the administration and daily running of the Unit including planning documents, certificates and records concerning the running of the Professional Development Centre.

Language and Literacy Unit, London Language and Literacy Unit, LLU+


Contains ephemera of the institution divided into:

LSBU/8/1 Posters, c.1950s-present;

LSBU/8/2 Annual Ephemera, c.1892-present;

LSBU/8/3 Printing Blocks, c.1900-1950s;

LSBU/8/4 Corporate Seals, 1892-1990s;

LSBU/8/5 Medals and Trophies, 1892-2002;

LSBU/8/6 Associate Pass Cards for the Borough Polytechnic Institute, c.1900;

LSBU/8/7 Guest book commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Borough Polytechnic Institute, 1942;

LSBU/8/8 Grandfather Clock, c.1740;

LSBU/8/9 Marble bust of Joseph Lancaster c.1905;

LSBU/8/10 Commemorative plaques, 1892-c.2003,

LSBU/8/11Framed pictures, c.1900-2000;

LSBU/8/12 Television coverage, 1990s-2001;

LSBU/8/13 Portrait cards of 19th century scientists, 1962;

LSBU/8/14 Corporate Gift Glass Plaque, 2012.

Board of Governors


  • LLU/7
  • sub-fonds
  • 1980s-2010
  • Part of LLU+

Comprises publicity material produced to advertise the Unit and its work, specific courses and events and available pubcliations.

Language and Literacy Unit, London Language and Literacy Unit, LLU+

Exhibition Material

  • LLU/6
  • sub-fonds
  • c.2003-2008
  • Part of LLU+

Comprises laminated materials used in LLU+ exhibitions including captioned photographs, quotes from clients and learning materials.


External Publications

  • LLU/9
  • sub-fonds
  • c.1978-2008
  • Part of LLU+

Comprises material created by bodies external to LLU+ including press cuttings, reports and teaching tools and resources.

External Publications

Contains publications about, but not created by, London South Bank University, comprising:

LSBU/9/1 Press cuttings, 1879-present;

LSBU/9/2 Reports, 1891-1901;

LSBU/9/3 Books and Pamphlets, 1903-2008;

LSBU/9/4 Journals, 1911-1976;

LSBU/9/5 Television and Radio footage, 1988-2012;

LSBU/9/6 Prospectuses, c2003;

LSBU/9/7 Book of salutations for Mr Arthur Harris, a member of the Borough Road Training College, 1871;

LSBU/9/8 Local Government Bills, 1897-1899.


The National College was governed by a Board of Governors, established in 1948. The Board established two main committees: the Finance and General Purposes Committee and the Education Committee, as well as various special committees to deal with individual projects.
Contains papers relating to the governance of the National College, comprising:

NC/1/1, Board of Governors minutes;

NC/1/2, Finance and General Purposes Committee minutes;

NC/1/3, Education Committee minutes;

NC/1/4, Declarations of Trust;

NC/1/5, Appointment of Governors;

NC/1/6, Future of the College.

National College for Heating, Ventilating, Refrigeration and Fan Engineering


Contains records concerning the governance of the College, comprising:

BCE/1/1 Governing Body, 1953-1976

BCE/1/2 Academic Board, 1963-1976

BCE/1/3 Papers regarding the Report of the Committee on Higher Education (the Robbins' Report), 1963-1964

BCE/1/4 Visitations of Battersea College by University of London Institute of Education, 1931-1968

BCE/1/5 Papers regarding the revision of courses, 1942-1948.

Battersea College of Education

Governance Records

Comprises records related to the governance of South Bank Poly-Enterprises Limited and South Bank University Enterprises Limited including Board of Directors minutes, Annual General Meeting papers and Annual Reports/

South Bank Poly-Enterprises Limited

Governance Records

Contains records relating to the governance of the Students' Union comprising:

LSBUSU/1/1 Student Council, 1993-2007

LSBUSU/1/2 Executive Committee, 1985-2007

LSBUSU/1/3 Finance Committee, 1992-2007

LSBUSU/1/4 Financial Regulations and Procedures, 1981-1996

LSBUSU/1/5 Annual and Union General Meetings, 1988-2003

LSBUSU/1/6 Rules and Regulations, 1978-2002

LSBUSU/1/7 Students' Union Constitutions, c.1968-2003

LSBUSU/1/8 Student Union Social Club, 1982-2006

LSBUSU/1/9 Proxy Voting, 2002-2003

London South Bank University Students' Union

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