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People and Organisations
Faraday Wing
Building · 1960-present

The National College Wing, or Faraday Wing as it is now called, was built on a site originally covered by 33 tall narrow houses, a railway signal factory and at least two other workshop blocks. The building was designed by Norman & Dawbarn Architects an opened in 1960 to house the National College for Heating, Ventilating, Refrigeration and Fan Engineering. It was officially opened on 20th November 1961 by the Minister of Education, Sir David Eccles. The College had for many years been linked to the Borough Polytechnic and in 1970 merged with it to form the Polytechnic of the South Bank. The building included specialist laboratories, lecture theatre and a specialist library maintained until the 1980s. In 1991 the building was refurbished and renamed the Faraday Wing in honour of Michael Faraday who was born in Newington Butts.

Farleigh, Richard
Person · 1960-

Richard Farleigh, the University's Chancellor (2012-2018) was made an Honorary Doctor of Laws and installed as the new Chancellor in July 2012.

Farmer, Michael

Michael Farmer was made an Honorary Fellow of the University in 2004 for his services to the Development and Support of Young Designers.

FEALDS network
Corporate body

The FEALDS Network was a dyslexia programme.

F.G. Evans

Commissioned by the Governors of the Borough Polytechnic to mark the opening of new extensions to the Polytechnic by H.R.H., Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh on 9 July 1969.

Fiehn, Julie

Staff member, Department of Social Sciences, Polytechnic of the South Bank

Field, Frank
Person · 1942-

Frank Ernest Field, Baron Field of Birkenhead DL is a British politician who is Leader of the Birkenhead Social Justice Party and was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Birkenhead from 1979 to 2019, serving as a Labour Party MP until August 2018 and thereafter as an Independent, later forming the Birkenhead Social Justice party.

Rt. Hon Frank Field MP was made an Honorary Fellow of the University in 2001.

Filkin, Elizabeth
Person · 1940-

Elizabeth Jill Filkin CBE is a British public functionary and former civil servant. She was the United Kingdom's Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards between February 1999 and 2002.
Elizabeth Filkin was made an Honorary Doctor of Laws of the University in 2002.

Corporate body · 1948-1969

The Finance and General Purposes Committee was set up at the first Board of Governors' meeting on 20 January 1948 to look after the general management and financial control of the College. It consisted of six ordinary members with the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Governing Body both as ex-officio members. Geoffrey Woods was elected as Chairman at the Committee's first meeting of 13 February 1948. The last meeting was held on 11 July 1969.

Finance Committee
Corporate body

The Finance Committee was a sub-committee of the Board of Governors (LSBU/1/2). It merged with the House Committee (LSBU/1/8) in 1966 to become the Finance and General Purposes Committee. In 1989 it became part of the new Policy and Resources Committee (LSBU/1/10). In 2001 the Finance Committee became a separate entity again before being subsumed into the Policy and Resources Committee in 2003.