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People and Organisations
Corporate body · 1948-1969

The Education Committee was setup at the first Board of Governors' meeting on 20 January 1948 to look after matters relating to the staffing and curriculum of the College. It was also responsible for establishing and developing research. It worked in close relationship with the three participating industries and was advised by the Education Board of the Heating and Ventilating Industry (see NC/7), the Education Committee of the Institute of Refrigeration and the Education Committee of the Fan Manufacturers' Association.

It consisted of 12 ordinary members with the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Governing Body both as ex-officio members. John W. Cooling, future Chair of the Board of Governors, was elected as Chairman at the Committee's first meeting of 13 February 1948. The last meeting was held on 3 October 1969.

Corporate body · 2011-2015

The Educational Character Committee began in October 2011 as an advisory body influencing matters of academic strategy and educational character. It discussed educational issues such as student recruitment and progression, considers the University's teaching and research portfolios and allowed Governors to increase their understanding of the University's academic life. The Committee consisted of five Governors and the Students' Union President.

The Board closed the Commitee on 14 May 2015 as part of the governance effectiveness review.

Educational Committee
Corporate body · 1892-1964

The Educational Committee was established as a sub-committee of the Governing Body in 1892 to discuss academic matters. In 1964 it was replaced by the Academic Board (LSBU/3/1).

Eileen House

Eileen House is a tower block comprising a basement, ground floor, and seven upper floors. It was leased by the University from Southwark County Council until 2012 and housed the Human Resources, Staff Development and Building Services teams.

Corporate body

Every department of the Polytechnic of the South Bank had its own student society. The Environmental Engineering department formed part of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology.

Erlang House
Building · 1995-2009

Erlang House on Blackfriars Road was rented by South Bank University from 1995 until 2009 when the Faculty of Health moved to the new K2 building.

ESL Publishing Group
Corporate body

ESL Publishing Group was run by the Language and Literacy Unit and was a part of the Inner London Education Authority (ILEA).

Ethelm House

Ethelm House (Waterloo Centre) was situated on Cornwall Road and leased by South Bank University until the late 1990s. It was used as teaching space, primarily for short courses.

Evans, Frank: Dr

Dr Frank Evans worked in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at South Bank Polytechnic.

Corporate body

The first Excellence in Education Awards were held in 2013. The awards were introduced to celebrate teaching and support staff who had made a positive impact on students' learning experiences. 245 individuals were nominated by students across seven categories. The seven categories for nomination were: Outstanding Lecturer; Personal Tutor; Supervisor of the Year; Best Academic Feedback; Outstanding Student Support; Exceptional Support beyond Teaching; Outstanding Course Rep. The awards ceremony was held in Edric Hall on Tuesday 23 April at 5pm.