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People and Organisations
Bear, Michael; Sir

Sir Michael Bear trained as a civil engineer and was the 683rd Lord Mayor of London from November 2010 - November 2011. He was made an Honorary Doctor of Sciences of the University in 2012.

Bell, David; Sir
Person · 1946-

Sir David Bell was made an Honorary Fellow of the University in 2004 for his services to the community and business.
Sir David Charles Maurice Bell is a businessman, publisher and philanthropist. He is former Director for People at Pearson plc and a former Chairman of the Financial Times (1996 to 2009). In November 2012 he became Chair of the Syndicate of Cambridge University Press.

AR/20 · Person · 1936-2017

Vice-Chancellor of South Bank University (1993-2001). He became a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 1984.
In November 2004 he was made an honorary Doctor of Education of the University.

Blackwells building

Blackwells Bookshop was situated at 119 London Road. The first floor contained office space for London South Bank University staff.

Board of Directors
Corporate body

The Board of Directors is more commonly known as the Board of Governors. For a time they were known as the Board of Directors when organising and holding the Annual General Meetings but those present still attended as members of the Board of Governors, rather than as Directors.

Board of Governors
Corporate body · 1891-

The first meeting of the Governing Body was held on 23 October 1891 at the offices of the London School Board. It was originally made up of 12 members:

5 members nominated by the Committee of the South London Polytechnic Institutes;
3 members nominated by the Central Governing Body of the City Parochial Foundation;
2 members nominated by the London County Council;
2 members nominated by the School Board of London.

The Chair of the first meeting was Sir Philip Magnus. The Chair was shared between Sir Philip Magnus, Evan Spicer and Edric Bayley until Edric Bayley was chosen as the permanent Chair at the meeting of 18 February 1892.

At its meeting of 31 March 1892 the Governing Body appointed three committees of seven members each. A Finance Committee, Educational Committee and Recreational Committee. The Educational and Recreation Committee sat together as the General Purposes Committee. The General Purposes Committee advised on the classes to be provided and the teaching staff.

With the formation of the Polytechnic of the South Bank a Council of Governors was created, whose first meeting was held on 24 September 1970, with Harold Shearman as Chairman. The last meeting of the Governing Body of the Borough Polytechnic was held on 12 November 1970.

This became the Board of Governors in 1989.

Corporate body

The Board of Governors was constituted by the Minister of Education to 'establish a Foundation with the principal object of maintaining a College for providing technical education and research in connection with heating, ventilating, refrigeration and fan engineering' (Declaration of Trust, NC/1/4). The original Board of Governors, appointed by the Minister of Education, had representation from the three industries, the Governors of the Borough Polytechnic and other interests as follows:

Four nominated by the Association of Heating, Ventilating and Domestic Engineering Employers;

Two by the British Refrigeration Association;

Two by the Institute of Refrigeration;

Four by the Fan Manufacturers' Association, Ltd.;

One by the National Union of Operative Heating and Domestic Engineers and General Metalworkers;

Two by the Trades Union Congress;

Four by the Governing Body of the Borough Polytechnic;

Two by London County Council as Local Education Authority;

One by the University of London; and

One by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research.

The first chairman of the Governors was Hubert A. Secretan, future Chair of the Governors of the Borough Polytechnic. He was replaced in 1962 by John W. Cooling, one of the founding governors, who remained chairman until 1970.

The Board of Governors, in co-operation with the Governing Body of the Borough Polytechnic, were responsible of the development of the work of the College, including the selection and admission of students, maintenance of buildings and equipment, organisation, staffing and general administration. It had the right to appoint committees and at its first meeting of 20 January 1948 it appointed two committees: the Finance and General Purposes Committee and the Education Committee.

The last meeting of the Board was held on 3 July 1970.

Board of Studies
Corporate body · 1922-1964

The Board was established in October 1922 with the remit to report to the Educational Committee. It consisted of teaching staff. The Board, along with the Educational Committee was superseded by the Academic Board.

Bomberg and His Students
Corporate body · 1992

'Bomberg and his Students' was an exhibition of paintings and drawings by members of the Borough Group and by some associated artists who attended Bomberg's classes at the Borough Polytechnic between 1945-1953. The exhibition was held as part of the University's centenary celebrations.

Bond, John; Sir

Sir John Bond was made an Honorary Doctor of Laws in November 2001.

Boolell, Satcam; Sir, QC
Person · 1920-2006

Sir Satcam Boolell Q.C was made an Honorary Doctor of Laws of the University in November 2000. Sir Satcam Boolell GCSK, MP, QC, Kt was a Mauritian politician who served as member of the Legislative Assembly in Mauritius.

Person · 1929-

Betty Boothroyd, Baroness Boothroyd OM, PC, Hon. FSLL (born 8 October 1929) is a British politician who served as the Member of Parliament (MP) for West Bromwich and West Bromwich West from 1973 to 2000. From 1992 to 2000, she served as Speaker of the House of Commons. She is the only woman to have served as Speaker.
Betty Boothroyd was made an Honorary Doctor of Letters in 1992.

Borough Group
Corporate body · 1945-

The Borough Group was made up of artists who attended David Bomberg's classes at the Borough Polytechnic between 1945-1953.