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People and Organisations
The Regeneration Practice
Corporate body · 1995-

The Regeneration Practice is a London-based architectural studio recognised in awards, publications and exhibits both nationally and Internationally. Established in 1995 by Paul Latham, the firm has an impressive record of creating innovative and environmentally responsible architectural space which combines historic and contemporary narratives to create a delightful architecture.

Academic Board
Corporate body · 1964-

The Academic Board held its first meeting on 2nd November 1964, following the establishment of the Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA) in the same year. The Academic Board succeeded the Board of Studies (LSBU/3/9) and the Educational Committee, (LSBU/3/3) which was established in 1892.

Its original terms of reference were the raising and maintaining of academic standards, contributing to the academic aspect of the Polytechnic's future development and considering the recommendations of the Boards of Studies. The large body, composed mainly of elected and ex-officio members of staff, sometimes working through subcommittees, widened its work from new courses and syllabuses for the CNAA to administrative and academic problems of all kinds. Over the years the Board grew in influence, spreading the responsibility for institutional academic development and standards amongst a group of staff much wider than had ever previously been the case. The Academic Planning Committee was replaced with committees for strategic planning and academic management.

The current Academic Board is accountable to the Board of Governors for the academic activities of the University. It also creates and maintains connections with industry, advises and supports the University's relationship with its UK and international partners and advises on the instruction of fellowships, scholarships, prizes and other aids towards study and research.

Corporate body · 1978-

The award was first presented in 1978 at the instigation of the Caroline Hasslet Memorial Trust and Institution of Electronic and Electrical Technician Engineers (now the Institution of Engineering and Technology). It was initially called the Girl Technician of the Year award and was renamed the Young Woman Engineer of the Year in 1988.

Academic Structure Committee
Corporate body · 1972-1973

The Academic Structure Committee was Chaired by the Polytechnic's Director and established in 1972. The Committee met 28 times, received and circulated a number of topic papers, considered 67 submissions by individuals or groups and met 25 members of staff. Its careful recommendations, set out in the reports, advocated a departmental structure as against the then fashionable course-school matrix, to consist of 19 departments, reasonably uniform in size, in six faculties. Major resource responsibilities were to be at faculty level with four 'development areas' identified in Law, Education and Psychology, Applied Social Science and Humanities.

Despite widespread consultation, the proposals in the first report were savaged. The Committee withdrew its proposals and its second report in November 1973, after 30 more meetings, met with indifference rather than hostility, and seemed likely to be adopted however administrative support could not be gained and the proposals misfired. Modest changes were later implemented with minimum change to the existing departments, with the establishment of four faculties in 1973-74, which were Administrative Studies, Built Environment, Human Studies & Education and Science & Engineering.

Corporate body · 1804-

London South Bank University's Borough Road building was the former residence of the Borough Road Training College. The site was purchased from the College in 1890 and remodelled to accommodate the Borough Polytechnic Institute which opened in 1892. The Training College moved to Isleworth in West London and eventually became a part of Brunel University.

Corporate body

In 1959 the Governing Body consisted of 12 members, five of whom were appointed by the London County Council, three represented departments of the Civil Service, two represented Local Government, one the County Councils' Association and one the University of London (CWC/4/1/1).

Corporate body

The Staff Association had its first meeting on 30 May 1960 with Mr J.D. Mellor as Chairman. There were four representatives of the teaching and library staff and two representatives of non-teaching staff on its committee. Clause 2 of its constitution noted 'the object of the Association shall be to promote within the College the professional and social welfare of its members as a whole. It shall not take any part in nor be an instrument of College Administration (CWC/1/3/1).

When the College became part of the Polytechnic of the South Bank in 1970, the Staff Association became the 'Polytechnic of the South Bank Westminster Staff Association', later becoming 'Polytechnic of the South Bank's (Westminster) Staff Association'.

Corporate body

South Bank University merged with the Charles West School of Nursing in 1995, enabling the University to expand its nursing education provision.

Institute of Child Health
Corporate body

The Institute of Child Health was founded in 1946 as a postgraduate paediatrics school of Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. Today it is an academic department of University College London and remains the primary research partner of Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.

Corporate body

The Maternity Center Association, now Childbirth Connection was founded in 1918 as a North American not-for-profit organization to improve the quality of maternity care through research, education, advocacy, and demonstration of maternity innovations. In 1939 the Association sponsored a major exhibition of sculptures of the childbirth process by Robert Latou Dickinson and Abram Belskie at the 1939-40 World's Fair.

Corporate body · 1989-1992

Law 84 Limited was established as a wholly-owned subsidiary company of South Bank Polytechnic on 19 Oct 1988. It then changed its name to South Bank Poly-Enterprises Limited in February 1989. Due to the Polytechnic being granted university status in 1992, the company changed its name a second time to South Bank University Enterprises Limited in June 1992.

Corporate body

Companies House is the United Kingdom Registrar of Companies. All forms of companies are incorporated and registered with Companies House and are required to submit specific details required by the Companies Act 2006, which superceded the Companies Act 1985. All registered limited companies must file annual financial statements along with annual company returns.

Westminster Publications Ltd
Corporate body · c2014-

Westminster Publications is an independent company which produces the Parliamentary Review. The Parliamentary Review is a series of independent publications, reviewing the latest events in parliament from a non-partisan perspective but it is wholly independent of government.

It allows private and public sector organisations to share and promote their best practice within policy sectors, with the goal of raising standards. The organisations are also free to use the Review, and their article within it, to promote themselves to a wide audience.

Secretan; Hubert A; Mr; CBE
Person · 1891-1969

Hubert A. Secretan was Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Borough Polytechnic Institute 1954-1969. He was also Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National College for Heating, Ventilating, Refrigeration and Fan Engineering 1948-1962.