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People and Organisations

Report produced by the Standing Committee of the Academic Board on Library and Educational Technology.


Unique was launched as the new student newsletter in May 2012. It is issued monthyl and emailed to students' inboxes as well as being available online via its own microsite.


The first Vice Chancellor's Enterprising Staff Awards Ceremony was held in 2012 to recognise and celebrate the enterprising practices undertaken by University staff. Awards are given to teams and individuals in six categories: Most Innovative Project; Greatest Income Potential; Best New Process; Greatest Student Benefit; Best Cross Faculty Project; and Overall Winners. Winners receive sums of money to be used for their personal and professional development.


The Chelsea Pensioners' annual Christmas Cake Ceremony began in 1950 as a symbol of friendship between the United Kingdom and Australia. Each year the Australian Returned and Services League donates a large Christmas cake to the Chelsea Pensioners, with each Australian state taking it in turns to commission the cake.


FIND was an exhibition showcasing work by thirty-five LSBU graduates from the range of design courses offered by the University. The exhibition aimed to encourage communication between new designers and industry professionals and inspire current design students. It was held in the Keyworth Centre and was formally opened by the University's Chancellor Richard Farleigh.


The demonstration was organised by the Stop The Fees Campaign in support of five Oxford University students who were refusing to pay their tuition fees in protest against the introduction of student loans and the removal of grants.


In May 1999 a protest march was organised by groups including the Anti-Nazi League, Unison and the Movement for Justice in order to protest against the extreme right's nail bomb campaign, which targeted London's black, Bangladeshi and gay communities. The march route began in Brixton and led to Downing Street and Trafalgar Square.

Claybury Hospital
Corporate body · 1893-1997

Claybury Hospital opened in 1893 as the London County Lunatic Asylum, Ilford. At the end of the 20th Century with the Care in the Community Programme and decline in patient numbers from its peak of 4,000 patients, Claybury closed in 1997 and the historic buildings converted into luxury flats.

Corporate body

The Council of the Polytechnic agreed to establish the awarding of Honorary Fellowships in 1976. The Polytechnic then began creating honorary graduates in 1989 and once it became a University in 1992 it started awarding honorary degrees. Candidates are required to demonstrate a notable contribution to either the University, education and academia in general or the local community.

The Joint Committee on Honorary Fellowships was established in 1980 comprising four members: two nominated from the Polytechnic of the South Bank Council and two from the Academic Board. The terms of reference were to consider nominations and submit names for the award of Honorary Fellow. Honorary Degrees were award after the Polytechnic was granted university status, but recipients were decided by a committee of the Academic Board.

In March 2002 the Joint Committee's terms of reference amended to create a single committee responsible for both the Honorary Fellowships and Degrees. This was named the Honorary Awards Joint Committee.

Board of Directors
Corporate body

The Board of Directors is more commonly known as the Board of Governors. For a time they were known as the Board of Directors when organising and holding the Annual General Meetings but those present still attended as members of the Board of Governors, rather than as Directors.

Corporate body · 1989-2015

The Policy and Resources Committee was established in 1989 and contained the Finance and General Purposes Committee (LSBU/2/1/1). In 2001 the Finance Committee became a separate committee. In 2003 it was subsumed back into the Policy and Resources Committee.

The Policy and Resources Committee was a committee of the Board of Governors and advises the Board on the University's policies, its solvency and the use and safeguarding of its resources and assets. It also ensured that the University operated within the law and implemented matters delegated to it by the Board.

On 14 May 2015 the Board closed the committee as part of the governance effectiveness review.

Formation Committee
Corporate body · 1970

The Formation Committee was formed jointly in April 1970 by the Governing Bodies of the Borough Polytechnic Institute, the Brixton School of Building, City of Westminster College and National College for Heating, Ventilating, Refrigeration and Fan Engineering to oversee the establishment of the Polytechnic of the South Bank, including the appointment of the Director, Secretary and other senior officers.

Finance Committee
Corporate body

The Finance Committee was a sub-committee of the Board of Governors (LSBU/1/2). It merged with the House Committee (LSBU/1/8) in 1966 to become the Finance and General Purposes Committee. In 1989 it became part of the new Policy and Resources Committee (LSBU/1/10). In 2001 the Finance Committee became a separate entity again before being subsumed into the Policy and Resources Committee in 2003.